Business writing for graduates

• This is an in-house business-writing skills course aimed specifically at graduates.
• We suggest between four and ten delegates (for three delegates or fewer, please click here).
• Your team will benefit from our unique approach to learning, including pre-course analysis.

Business writing for graduates
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Recruiting graduates represents a significant investment for your organisation. Although they have the appropriate technical skills to drive your business forward, how much experience do they have when it comes to writing in a professional work environment?

Are they too informal in the language they use, adopting ‘text speak’? Or maybe they let their professionalism slip by making simple errors, like using ‘their’ where they should use ‘they’re’. Or they could simply fail to get to the point, filling up documents with meaningless waffle.

Mistakes like these might leap out at you whenever you read your graduates’ writing. But errors aren’t just jarring; they’re also costly.

They cost you your time. Instead of helping turn your graduates into future leaders, you have to spend hours re-writing or editing their documents that should be correct the first time.

You may feel you’re fighting a lonely battle. But you’re right to expect a great standard of writing from your graduates. 

That’s exactly what we’ve designed this course to deliver. It will give your graduates a complete grounding in all areas of professional writing, whatever they write – whether that’s day-to-day emails, management reports or customer letters.

On a typical one-day course, they will learn how to:

  • get their document’s key messages across – without pointless waffle
  • stop making howling grammar and punctuation errors
  • build a logical structure into any document, from proposals to emails, letters to reports
  • understand the crucial fundamentals of effective document design
  • stop procrastinating and claw back the time lost to writer’s block
  • match their tone and level of language precisely to their readers
  • bring a new level of confidence to their writing.

Your course will be unique to your organisation: we’ll take samples of what your graduates write before the course, to make sure they can see exactly how to apply everything they learn to what they do. The end result will be lasting improvements in everything they write – and you’ll stop spending your time worrying about their writing.

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