The complete business writer (online)

• This is an online business-writing course for everyone who writes at work.
• It is the world’s most comprehensive e-learning business-writing skills package, containing 52 lessons.
• It is suitable for companies with their own learning management system (LMS). If you are an individual or don't have an LMS, click here

The complete business writer (online)
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The complete business writer is an online business-writing course for everyone who writes at work. Whether you (or your team) write reports, emails, customer letters or proposals, it will help you to transform your writing – and your experience of writing – in manageable and enjoyable steps.

It is a fully comprehensive online course in its own right, broken down into individual bite-size e-learning lessons that each has a specific focus. It can also be used to supplement any of our face-to-face training courses.

The complete business writer:

  • brings together 19 years of business-writing training experience into a single training package
  • has input from a wide range of writing experts, including English language teachers, journalists, publishers, writers, editors and even scientists
  • consists of 52 individual interactive and engaging lessons
  • is relevant to all levels of seniority in an organisation, from CEOs and managers through to graduates and apprentices
  • includes access to additional resources (such as best-practice guides and top writing tips) and additional support via a dedicated helpdesk.

Try it for yourself:

  • Demo 1: How to make your message easier to absorb by putting the main clause first.
  • Demo 2: How to make your writing more concise, clear and direct by using verbs instead of nouns.

How will it benefit your organisation?

The complete business writer helps your organisation to:

  • improve customer service, increase sales and enhance stakeholder relationships
  • save time through managers not having to correct their team’s writing
  • make efficient use of training budgets
  • upskill employees in a fun and engaging way
  • deliver training anytime, anywhere

Who is it for?

The complete business writer is an online business-writing course aimed at anyone who has to write at work. It can help you whether you’re an ambitious professional looking to upskill yourself, or a team leader, manager or department head wanting to empower your team to improve their skills as efficiently as possible.

What will users learn?

The complete business writer helps individuals to transform everything they write at work. It covers all elements of writing, from the moment they start researching a document to the final proofreading.

Here are just some of things it can help users to do.

Explore new writing techniques

  • unlock the information in their minds and marshal that knowledge to plan and structure their documents
  • write confidently and clearly, using plain English
  • think critically about their language choices
  • beat procrastination and get started
  • engage readers using journalistic techniques

Create readable, targeted documents

  • cut the padding and lighten up heavy writing
  • construct sound, clear sentences
  • use professional introduction and ending techniques to grab attention and finish on a high
  • structure documents of any length and create flow that carries the reader
  • build a persuasive argument and use key techniques to encourage their recipient to take action

Send engaging emails and letters

  • write emails that are well structured and convey a clear message
  • use subject lines to get their emails opened
  • understand the best-practice rules of email etiquette
  • tackle tricky subjects in emails and letters
  • get their key messages across clearly and succinctly

Deliver winning documents that get results

  • research complex documents and develop their ideas
  • understand and avoid the most common punctuation pitfalls
  • catch errors and typos in documents and emails before sending them out
  • cultivate a professional, friendly and appropriate tone
  • make an impact with data and tables

To have access to the programme, you’ll need to have your own learning management system. Our team will work with you to transfer across the 52 lessons. As all content is SCORM compliant, this is an easy process.

You can download the full list of lessons here.

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