Tune in to business-writing radio

Now, we know it’s not considered good form to blow one’s own trumpet, but – just this once – we hope you’ll forgive us a little toot. We’ve produced something we think you’ll want to hear.

We’ve produced a podcast. And by gum, we’re really rather proud of it. Firstly (unlike some podcasts) it doesn’t sound like it was recorded in someone’s bedroom. Plus, it must be said: it’s got great credentials – presented by 6 Music’s Clare McDonnell, and produced by Melissa Da Silva, who spent 13 years working in BBC radio (and now also runs courses for us).

But the main reason for us polishing up our brass is that our podcast is actually (gasp) useful. For example, in October’s edition alone you’ll hear about how to get the best out of your emails, tips on defining your report’s core message, the low-down on the success of the Government’s swine flu leaflets and how to win a place on one of our courses. Phew.

Speaking of useful items, our podcast is just one aspect of our new support section on our recently souped up website. Check out the rest here.