Business-letter writing

A business-letter writing course for groups of four or more people. (For three delegates or fewer, please click here)

Business-letter writing
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Despite the prevalence of email, letters still represent a vital communication channel between an organisation and its customers. Yet business letter writing is becoming a lost art.

Once a fundamental professional skill, formal letter writing now provokes caution and confusion in many people.

There are many types of business letters, from short acknowledgements to applications for finance. Before the course, our expert course developers will review a sample of the letters your team send, and tailor the exercises and examples to focus on the skills your team need to focus on.

(If you’re looking for a course specifically dedicated to writing to customers, please look at our course Writing to customers.)

On a typical business-letter writing course, your team will learn how to:

  • identify the reader and speak directly to them
  • keep the reader’s interest
  • remove jargon and buzzwords
  • construct crystal-clear sentences
  • write with the right level of formality
  • use effective beginnings and endings
  • use appropriate presentation, format and layout for any letter
  • spot and fix grammar and punctuation errors
  • apply their letter-writing skills to emails.

Please note that this is only a sample outline. We’ll listen closely to your needs, tailoring it to the business letters your team writes and the readers they’re writing for.

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