Business case writing

A business-case writing course for groups of four or more people. (For three delegates or fewer, please click here)

Business case writing
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It’s a sad but true fact that many good ideas go to waste simply because they don’t get the attention they deserve.

In the business world, this comes down to the ability to write a good business case.

You may have noticed these problems in your own team’s business cases. Perhaps it’s that their documents lack a logical structure, forcing decision makers to work hard to piece together what’s being said. Or maybe their business cases fail to clearly signpost key recommendations. Or they could simply fail to get to the point, losing their main message in overly long justifications.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. A persuasive, easy-to-follow business case helps you communicate your ideas to decision makers clearly – which ultimately means more cases getting the thumbs up.

And with the right planning and structuring techniques, writing a business plan stops being a time-consuming chore. Instead of needing extensive re-writing and editing, they’re written with a minimum of hassle.

That’s why we developed this business-case writing course. It’s specifically designed to help teams who write business cases to internal decision makers – such as board members, senior managers and department heads.

Our business-case writing training is focused on practical, actionable writing advice for your team, including how to:

  • construct a powerful argument that puts forward the very strongest case for your team’s idea
  • establish need for what your team are proposing – leaving decision-makers in no doubt about why their case deserves their full attention
  • effectively promote the benefits of their project, ensuring there are no key arguments missing from their final document
  • write reader-centred proposals and business cases – preventing them from writing anything decision makers won’t read or understand
  • write confidently and clearly, so they’re not lost in needlessly elaborate or technical language
  • leave a positive final impression
  • use correct grammar and punctuation – thereby stopping their readers from paying more attention to their errors than to the substance of their case.

Your course will be unique to your organisation. Before the course, we’ll take samples of any previous business cases that your team has written. This will let us see which areas your team need to focus on in order to see the biggest improvements.

The end result will be business cases that take less time to write, and less time to understand – giving your proposals the best possible chance of succeeding.

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