Grammar and punctuation

A grammar and punctuation course for groups of four or more people

Grammar and punctuation
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Should you write ‘the company is’ or the ‘company are’? What’s the difference between ‘which’ and ‘that’? How exactly do you use a semicolon? Is it ‘their report’ or ‘there report’? Can you start a sentence with ‘but’?

Good grammar and punctuation is fundamental if you want people to take your team seriously. Yet everyone from newly graduated trainees to senior managers will find themselves worrying about the basics that they may never have been taught in school.

This course will help clear up any confusion among your team, and build their confidence in everything they write. After getting a clear sense of the basics of grammar, your team may even begin to find the nuts and bolts of the English language fascinating.

Course outline

A typical one-day grammar and punctuation course will:

  • clear up common confusion
  • show your team how to use punctuation correctly
  • ensure they are using the right style for different documents
  • explain some useful grammar terms
  • tell you the truth about common punctuation and grammar myths
  • challenge entrenched opinions
  • help your team to write more confidently and clearly.

Your course will be unique to your organisation: we’ll take samples of what your team writes before the course, to make sure your team can see exactly how to apply everything they learn.

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