The report writing course

•This is an in-house report-writing course for groups of four or more delegates. (For three delegates or fewer, please click here)
•This comprehensive, intensive one-day course is designed specifically for professionals who write reports of any kind.
•Our trainer will run the course on your premises – wherever you are in the world.

The report writing course
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Reports are far more than just documents that need to get written. They’re a cornerstone of everything your team does – if their reports are poorly written, your team’s work is ignored or poorly recorded, and what needs to happen doesn’t happen.

So whether your team is writing to an internal audience of their colleagues, or to an external audience of clients, their reports need to be clear, concise and precise.

Unfortunately, too often reports are a lengthy, time-consuming chore. Not just for the writers, but for people responsible for signing them off, too.

Maybe your team’s reports are too long, failing to get to the point. Perhaps they lack a logical structure, showing a lack of planning. And if your organisation uses standard templates, your team could simply be failing to use them effectively.

Whatever problems your team is facing, reports shouldn’t have to be a burden for them and your readers. (And they really shouldn’t be something which rely on heavy editing or constant reviewing from management.)

That’s why we’ve developed this course. We’ll teach your team the right strategies and techniques to show off their expertise, research and recommendations in the best possible light.

On a typical one-day report-writing course, your team will learn how to:

  • build a logical structure – helping them communicate their ideas clearly and succinctly
  • write reports that their readers will want to read – so their hard work won’t go to waste
  • learn what to put in and leave out, retaining crucial information and leaving out unnecessary detail
  • use correct grammar and punctuation to avoid any embarrassing mistakes
  • use an appropriate level of language for their readers
  • write in your organisation’s tone of voice.

But this is far more than a generic report-writing course. We understand that your audience will be specific to you and your team. That’s why we’ll listen closely to your needs from the very start, making sure we understand your organisation.

This means the course we’ll build will be exactly the course your team needs – whether they write annual reports to company boards, reviews for your clients, quarterly reports to investors, or any other document.

The end result is an engaging, relevant and highly practical programme, which will enable your people to produce readable, focused reports that truly do your team justice.

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