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Most technical people don’t move into their roles because they love writing. Scientists see their skills in research, engineers in solving practical problems and developers in writing code.

But whatever their role, your team’s hard work will be wasted if they don’t communicate it effectively.

If you’re their manager, this ultimately means you lose more time to editing documents, and spend more time dealing with pushback from confused or unhappy readers.

That’s why we developed this course.

Technical writing training

We’ll show your team how to avoid burying their conclusions in the supporting detail. And we’ll also show them how to weed out writing that’s too complicated for their readers, so their recommendations are instead clear for their intended audience.

Above all, we’ll build your team’s confidence and pride in their own writing – helping them see it as part of their core skills.

On a typical one-day technical-writing course, your team will learn how to:

  • build a logical structure into any technical document
  • make conclusions clear and memorable
  • communicate complex information – without dumbing down
  • write for their readers, using an appropriate level of language and without getting bogged down in the detail
  • present data effectively, including how best to use graphs, tables, charts and graphics.
  • write confidently by being sure of their grammar and punctuation
  • build your team’s credibility and authority.

We know from experience that courses are much more engaging when they’re directly relevant to the documents that your team writes day-to-day.

So before your course, we’ll analyse a sample of your team’s technical documents, whether that’s technical reports, procedures, reference guides, specifications or any other technical document.

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