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Managing a team responsible for customer complaints is an enormous task. Complaints can be about anything from service to product failures, technical support to repairs. But they all have one thing in common.

There’s a customer behind every letter or email. Keeping an awareness of that fact central to your team’s writing is crucial. Unfortunately, common problems get in the way of writing responses that successfully address each customer’s needs.

Maybe your team aren’t able to respond to enquiries fast enough. Or perhaps you’re finding niggling grammar and punctuation errors in their writing, which are eroding the reputation of your organisation. It may simply be that some of your team are struggling to build rapport with the person they’re writing to.

Whatever the problems, they ultimately lead to more customers writing follow-up replies and escalating the original complaint. It means lower scores in your internal benchmarking, missed targets and negative attention from higher management.

And for team managers, poor writing means more time spent reviewing and editing responses that should be correct the first time. For L&D and HR managers, it means another training need that must be met.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

A well-written response can turn a disgruntled customer into one of your biggest fans. Instead of just being something that solves your customer’s immediate problems, your team’s writing can raise the reputation of your entire organisation.

That’s why we’ve developed this customer-writing course. We’ll build lasting skills in all major areas of customer writing. Your team will learn how to:

  • show empathy and build rapport
  • easily build a logical structure using the SCRAP formula
  • write clearer letters and emails that result in fewer follow-ups
  • get their message across
  • understand and address all of your customers’ issues
  • use correct grammar and punctuation.

But we’ll go beyond a generic outline. Your course will be unique to your organisation: we’ll take samples of letters and emails from your team before the course.

We’ll also discuss the tone of voice and branding of your organisation – ensuring your team hit the right note in everything they write to your customers.

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