Effective email writing

An email-writing course for groups of four or more people. (For three delegates or fewer, please click here)

Effective email writing
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Email is a problem that is hiding in plain sight – one which few people will tackle. We all use email every day. Yet too often, email fails to be the effective communication tool it deserves to be.

All too often, this shapes our view of email. Going through our inbox is seen as a chore or an obstacle to be completed.

Simple mistakes are often a large part of the problem. Emails are more likely than other kinds of work to be littered with spelling and grammar errors.

More fundamentally, poor structure can result in overlong emails that fail to get their key message across. And poorly worded emails can lead to disputes between colleagues or with clients, leading to needless stress.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Used correctly, email gets ideas across quickly and with a minimum of effort. Rather than a barrier to action, it becomes the opposite: an invaluable tool for making sure that everything your team needs to happen, happens.

That’s why we’ve developed this course. It’s specifically designed to help your team claw back the time lost to poorly written emails.

On this one day email-writing training course, your team will learn how to:

  • begin and end emails professionally
  • structure emails logically using the SCRAP formula
  • get the reader on-side from the beginning
  • avoid making embarrassing mistakes
  • know when email isn’t the best solution
  • stop being a slave to their inboxes.

Your course will be unique to your organisation: we’ll assess examples of your team’s emails before the course, to make sure your team can see exactly how to apply everything they learn.

The end result is clear, professional emails, letting your team hit ‘send’ with confidence.

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